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cover The Enemy - It's automatic
The Enemy – It’s automatic

The Enemy. Formed in 2006 signed by Warner Bros. Their amazing 1st album (We’ll Live and Die in These Towns) got 1st in UK sales and the 2nd album  (Music for the People) peaking at 2nd place. As you can understand already they are not unknown at all. Today I wanted to talk about their excellent last Album: it’s automatic and particularly about the 1st single from that LP: don’t let nothing get in the way.

“He doesn’t know that today’s the day,That the brothers and sisters come together again”

Let’s put this song in the ‘inspirational’ kind of songs. It is how I felt the first time I heard this one, inspired! For the ones who, like me, discovered The enemy late (or the ones who never have heard about this band) I would describe their music like late 80’s early 90’s brit rock (like oasis, blur, manic street preachers etc.) ‘don’t let nothing get in the way’ is a perfect song to get motivated in your activism in my humble opinion. why ?

“Don’t let nothing get in the way, hey”

The chorus is catchy, the music is inspiring, the lyrics are powerful and everything is perfectly in place to brand this simple melody in your brain. This is a very efficient song indeed, plus the lyrics are blur enough to let you create your own story, your own vision and coming up with your own meaning of it.

My favorite part of the song:

They got no morals, they got no code
They got no names for the places they go
They wanna rob you, wanna steal your soul, but ya
You gotta fight for the ones you love, singing

“You got to fight for the ones you love”

cover The Enemy Music for the people
The Enemy Music for the people

This band is just great, socially aware and critical about this society. I believe you will love songs like it’s not ok, no time for tears or away from here and keep digging their entire 2nd album.


Keep fighting for the ones you love!


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