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This time it gets personal, I am a fan of Ben Stewart (vocals). I would say he is one of the most brilliant human being walking on this planet (ok, is it too much ?). Seriously for some of you not knowing him I’ll link some of his work later in this article. For the moment let’s talk about the band Hierosonic. The band was formed in 2002 and since they release songs and albums most of the time without a label. I will qualify them as a modern rock band, meaning their music is solid and the influences in their music are  wide. Sadly i am not seeing any significant update from them in 2015 except a video for the song infinity from their 2012 album. Hopefully new material will be released soon 🙂

hierosonic line up

Consciousness . Fame . God . Money . Power .

Name of their 2012 Album a song is particularly interesting The Media taught you that. The video is quite good, production is very slick and the band looks great in it.

Hierosonic the media taught you that cover



I have seen so many things.
Many things bring memories and memories are all we truly are.
I have lived so many lives.
Lives that make the angels cry.
Lives that my God never had in mind for me.
Hats off to the world in which I’ll never be a part of.
The bullshit chit chat slows me down so just wake me when it’s over.
I’m never right or you’re never wrong.
I’m waiting for the tide to change to wash away the shame that we created.
It’s in this song so just sing along.
The revolution everyone was waiting for is finally upon us.
We are the free.
The land of hopes and dreams.
The world is full of lies so don’t open your eyes.
The world is going to end tonight.
Meet your maker: Media Fake
I’m going to tear down the armory and keep them awake.
I’m going to bleed through the screen until they cut to a break.
Meet your maker: Media Fake
Burn those books and feed the crooks.
Meet your master: Big Disaster
Now you know that the media taught you that.


decoding the message

I have to say that it is hard to decode poetic songs, so I will just point out few things from the video story, the titles and some parts of the lyrics. I have no personal interpretation of the song on it’s whole, I’ll just use the song and the video to let you think about things yourself.

distorted delf-peception

  • The Medias (and entertainment industry) are influencing all our perceptions, but there is worse it is also influencing how we define ourselves, in a way dictating how we see and how we appreciate ourselves. This is possible by creating impossible standards of beauty, wealth, etc. and program our IDEAL SELF with those standards. We are convinced that photoshopped professional good looking people are the norm when it is not. Of course it is more complex than that but I think you can figure out all the process that leads to our distorted self-identity. ex: seeing beautiful women thinking they are ugly because her standards are too high like in that video.
  • Understanding the self identity

media fake

Well, I believe that we all can agree that the mainstream media are fake. here are interesting videos about that.

And remember that the media can legally lie : http://www.projectcensored.org/11-the-media-can-legally-lie/


ben stewart

Perpetually evolving Ben left some serious pieces of goodies. Even if I do understand that with age we are not the same person than we were before I still believe that taking distance with our past production is kind of useless. When i started to write this blog entry i took time to search the latest ben Stewart news and in his blog : http://talismanicidols.net/ i got a little surprised by some of the things i read such as : “I’ve ascended the mountain, listened to the burning bush, destroyed false idols, taken an entheogen or two, or a thousand, and come down older with stone tablets that very distinctly read “Wrong Mountain, but thanks for the company”.  It’s difficult at times to justify the work that I’ve done in the name of good when I’ve never been there… just have sense for the general direction.”.


“Wrong Mountain, but thanks for the company”.

I think that whatever ‘content’ we release during our lives, from the selfie we make to the songs we perform, the videos we release, etc. is experienced differently by every person getting in touch with it. When someone experience a content that person will appropriate it and at this moment it is not belonging to the creator anymore so “wrong mountain” can be the right mountain as well for some others 🙂

But hey maybe i don’t understand what Ben wanted to say 🙂 that’s the problem with language (written or spoken) things can be interpreted in many different ways and our perception of a message is highly biased (wiki list of biases, my fav wiki page 🙂 ) and, of course depend of our education, background, experience, etc. etc.

I am not sure of what the future holds for Ben, but I believe that he will find his path at some point. From what i am seeing I believe he is on an entrepreneurship trip and he clearly have the talent and vision to bring any project to life. Good luck Ben Stewart! I love you man 🙂