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Rap news was a very talented Australian duo composed by Hugo Farrant and Giordano Nanni. Based in Melbourne those 2 guys were doing an amazing job tackling subjects that we all are passionate about (learn more about rap news here). Their videos were viewed up to 1.5 million times, so we can say they were and still are youtube phenomenon. It seems like Giordano will continue to entertain us with great original content in the future.PB273206-1100x825

what made them special?

Everything? They really were able to put up a unique way to put up their message to the world. Preaching truth in a creative way. Mixing Rap music with the new media in an entertaining and funny way. How to not admire the creativity and the efficiency of their videos. Once again you can agree or not with what they are saying, we all have our own opinions and views but they did a hard job and I’m sure that they touched more people in the mainstream crowd than most of the other players of the truth movement. Music and comedy are incredibly powerful to promote a message and introduce the mass to new ideas.

The beginning

6 years passed since their first video in 2009 and you can see how they evolved during the years. Few episodes of the 1st season were licensed by RT television and it really put them on orbit.

the end of the adventure

As you can see in their 35th and final episode of the Farrant / Nanni version of rap news, the production improved drastically. Still the same concept and format. At the end of ‘the internet’

I really hope they will succeed in their respective projects, it was an incredible journey and definitely a great and interesting time with you. Thanks for all the information you share with your audience, the enormous research work, your brilliant writing and slick production. It is clear that Giordano Nanni will continue his good work and i am impatient to see what he will do next!