Paris attacks

Today is a sad day, France was stricken by terrorism again and this time more than 120 people lost their lives. Many people lost their lives at a concert hall named:  le Bataclan during a concert of the rock band  EAGLES OF DEATH METAL. Attacks took place around the stade de France while an international soccer game was taking place (France – Deutschland) where 2 . And a 3rd attack near a restaurant where many people got shot.

This is a terrible day for France, here are few videos you can find on youtube you can clearly hear the charge of the GIGN (french special police forces) in the bataclan.

Explosions near the french soccer game against Germany.

A witness in shock is describing the attacks inside the Bataclan. Saying that 2 people entered the concert hall with shotguns and shot people everywhere even the ones lying on the floor. Screaming Allahu Akhbar.

Here is another witness saying that they are actually evacuating the place and saying she is able to see corpses on the floor.

here is a video of the victims

We will know more about all that in the next few days, I wish everybody to be and stay safe.

Paris is in shock, France is in shock and the whole world is in shock.

French people were against attacks of Syria (against war) by more than 60%, this event will definitely change the popular opinion. I still hope that no more victims will occur in France (or anywhere else) and that this event will not trigger a French NDAA. Punish the terrorists not the people. I do have concerns because under the ‘state of urgency / état d’urgence’ French government have the power to raid and search any place at any time, closing borders (nobody can come in or go out), many restrictions of freedom and every person refusing to obey can and will be thrown in jail. We know what happened after 911 and what states are doing to profit of crisis.


Peace, Paix.