Neil Young activist music

Neil young is definitely a music legend, You can take a look at his Wikipedia page to see the extent of his musical career and of his activism. Neil is always ready to fight for the environment and small farmers he is highly critical against Monsanto and big corporations. Born in 1945 in Toronto, Canada. One of the most influential songwriter and guitarist of his generation here are few facts about His work:

  • 21 solo albums.
  • Member of Buffalo Springfield (3 albums).
  • Member of Crosby, Still, Nash and Young (7albums).
  • 11 unreleased albums.
  • Starts his career in 1965!
  • Countless live albums.

sample-wars-neil-youngImpressed yet?

He also won the artist of the year in 2011 and the Adult Alternative Album of the Year the same year. Adult Alternative Album of the Year in 2007, Best Male Artist in 2001Male Vocalist of the Year in 1995 and album of the year in 1994 and many more.

Neil Young is also an entrepreneur, he launched a product called Pono to play high-quality music. more details here:


Neil young Activism

  • He is founding of the Bridge School in San Francisco for children with communication disabilities.
  • Since 1986 he is giving an annual concert benefit for the Bridge School
  • He is also deeply involved in advocating for environmental issues by participating in the organization of yearly concerts for Farm Aid.
  • His last album: The Monsanto Years is

Neil young also supported this short documentary and you can hear the Monsanto years song at the end of it.

more activist music by Neil Young.

the monsanto years

So, today’s song is The Monsanto years. A kind of protest song against the worst company in the world, Monsanto. If you are not able to understand all it is about in the lyrics, i am linking few documentaries about the history and the evil practices of Monsanto around the globe, i am sure that after viewing those documentaries you will understand the message of the song and the accuracy of Neil Young words.



You never know what the future holds in the shallow soil of Monsanto, Monsanto
The moon is full and the seeds are sown while the farmer toils for Monsanto, Monsanto
When these seeds rise, they’re ready for the pesticide.
And Roundup comes and brings the poison tide of Monsanto, Monsanto
The farmer knows he’s got to grow what he can sell, Monsanto, Monsanto
So he signs a deal for GMOs that makes life hell with Monsanto, Monsanto
Every year he buys the patented seeds
Poison-ready they’re what the corporation needs, Monsanto
When you shop for your daily bread and walk the aisles of Safeway, Safeway
Find the package to catch your eye that makes you smile at Safeway, at Safeway
Choose a picture of an old red barn on a field of green
With the farmer and his wife and children to complete the scene at Safeway, at Safeway
Dreams of the past come flooding back to the farmer’s mind, his mother and father
Family seeds they used to save were gifts from God, not Monsanto, Monsanto
Their own child grows ill near the poisoned crops
While they work on, they can’t find an easy way to stop, Monsanto, Monsanto
Don’t care now what the Bible said so long ago not Monsanto, Monsanto
Give us this day our daily bread and let us not go with Monsanto, Monsanto
The seeds of life are not what they once were,
Mother Nature and God don’t own them anymore

decoding the message

monsanto is evilSo let’s talk about Monsanto. I decided to link few documentaries that will help you to understand everything about GMOs, pesticides,  abusive seed patenting, the evil politic of Monsanto to acquire with Dupont most of the seeds companies and the tactics they are using to try to take over the control on the world food production and enslaving the farmers.

First let’s see a very interesting interview of a Monsanto lobbyist freaking out made by a French media. Propaganda … FAIL!

2012 the world according to Monsanto.

Marie-Monique Robin, a French TV journalist, and documentary maker is investigating Monsanto in this documentary. She is showing the transformation of Monsanto from a chemical company (producing controversial products like: DDT, PCBs, Agent Orange, and recombinant bovine somatotropin) to a biotech company. You will learn about the acquisition of all the seeds companies and the quasi-monopoly Monsanto have in the seed market in the USA. The scandals, the pollutions, the diseases, the DARK past of the company and the Dark present.

2013 documentary the future of food.

A well-made documentary about our food production (toxicity?). Learn how our food is  now produced and by who and what are the dangers of the biotechnologies for humans, animals and environment. This film gives a voice to farmers whose lives and livelihoods have been negatively impacted by this new technology. The health implications, government policies and push towards globalization are all part of the reason why many people are alarmed by the introduction of genetically altered crops into our food supply.

Vandana ShivaThe Future of Food and Seed

Vandana Shiva is an Indian scholar, environmental activist, and anti-globalization author. She is standing for Seed Freedom and is leading movements in India and worldwide.This lecture is just great and shows how Monsanto is twisting facts to increase their monopoly worldwide.

I hope that you will be more aware of this very important subject, OUR FOOD is in danger and it endanger all of us in the process, the farmers are the 1st impacted and when they are forced to be Monsantised the price of their enslavement is showing in our health.

oh and to finish I want to link this other French documentary called: All of us Guinea Pigs that let you see how the team of  Professor Seralini conducted his study. A MUST SEE !


More stuff soon, take care!