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Peter Seeger was born on May 3, 1919 and died January 27, 2014. Pete was a very interesting character. He was, as everybody knows, a legendary Folk music singer, banjo player and guitar player. Pete Seeger always offered his support to causes he believed in, with all his heart and all his energy until the very last moment. His beautiful mind, his curiosity about others, about their culture, their history, their customs and the profound respect he showed to every human being and the nature made him one of the most amazing musician-activist. A true inspiration to generations of musician like bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, etc.

pete-seeger-musician-activistFew facts about Pete Seeger the musician and the activist.

  • He reintroduced folk music in the cities in the United States
  • He was well-known for his contribution and Fight for civil rights, his song we will overcome is a symbol of this period.
  • In 1942, drafted by the U.S. Army and sent to Saipan in the Western Pacific
  • He never allowed his music to be used in commercials
  • He studied sociology at Harvard University until 1938, when he dropped out and spent the summer bicycling.
  • In 1955, the House Committee on Un-American Activities subpoenaed Seeger to appear before them ( Pete Seeger refused to disclose his political views.
  • He was
  • He was sentenced to one year in jail but, quoting the First Amendment, successfully appealed the decision after spending four hours in jail.
  • Was blacklisted by us government for being a communist 
  • Banned from radios and television for many years in the 50’s (Seeger formed The Weavers with Lee Hays, Ronnie Gilbert and Fred Hellerman. Targeted for the political messages behind some of their songs, the group was blacklisted and banned from television and radio).
  • Targetted by the FBI and the FEDS (not for his music or his talent)
  • censored from TV in the 60’s
  • True environment activist, pushing people to be involved and creating an organisation to clean the rivers (Hudson River cleanup).
  • always lived with nature
  • Peace activism against the Vietnam war
  • He always preached love and peace.
  • Awarded the Presidential Medal of the Arts.
  • Kennedy Center Award in 1994.
  • inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for his contribution to music and to the development of rock and folk music.
  • Harvard Arts Medal
  • Grammy Award for Best Traditional Folk Album.

Change the world

During his extraordinary life Pete always had a cause to support, some may say he was an idealist but he really made a difference, not only with ideas, with words or with money but with actions! His life is one of a kind and even if the most cynical detractors will try to demonstrate how he was used by some to push their own agenda (communists, etc.) you have to admire the energy he put in all his activism and the unique successful way he passed his message to many generations. I will link video documentaries talking about his life later in this post, I would love if you can take some time to watch those to honour Mr Seeger memory. May those documents influence you to follow your heart and take initiative. To finish I will quote Stephen Covey: “The key is taking responsibility and initiative, deciding what your life is about and prioritizing your life around the most important things”. I believe it is a very appropriate quote for Pete Seeger. 



More amazing pete seeger songs

Pete Seeger Documentary section

I really like this documentary about Pete Seeger, if you were about watching only one, pick this one.

Classic one by PBS.

Civil rights

Spanish Civil War

A little video about the Hudson river cleanup.

The greatest Love Pete Seeger!

When one of the biggest singer alive make a vibrant homage to the legendary Pete Seeger!

If you want an overview in a minute of how influential Pete Seeger was, check Abby Martin 1st minute in Breaking the set 313.

RIP Pete Seeger, I am sure that your message will never die!


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