Best 5 TPP protest songs


    The best 5 TPP protest songs learn about the TPP/Fight


    Here are the best 5 protest songs about the TPP.

    The TPP is a ‘Free trade agreement’ that seems to have nothing to do with free trade. It appears that the only ones profitting from the ‘free trade agreement’ are the corporations and not the nations. For more than 10 years the TPP / TTIP / TISA were negotiated in secret. Why a ‘Free Trade agreement’ that is supposed to bring growth, new jobs, etc. was dealt in total secrecy? and what it is all about ? to answer your questions I selected the best 5 protest songs about the TPP and  picked few videos explaining in different ways what are the TPP / TTIP / TISA and the impact this corporate takeover will have on the economy and in our daily life. If you knew nothing about this before you will be shocked! If you know a little, you will still be shocked to see that the content is now known and that it is worse than what was expected.

    But for now, it’s time for music.

    Sadly while researching songs about the TPP I was shocked to see that there were very few and that none were very popular. I believe that we can easily explain this by seeing how the mainstream media always keep it very quiet about those trade agreements and the protests about what was leaked before the documents were released. No major artist (to my knowledge) made any statement (maybe mainly because TPP will reinforce the copyrights laws?) against the TPP. Thanks to all those musician / activists few song can be heard, lots of different genres, I hope you will like few of my picks.

    best 5 tpp protest songs

    #1 Sam Bennett Dirty Ol’ TPP

    #2 Stop the TPP! 

    English version

    Street version (fuck yeah!)

    #3 Andy Martin – We’re not Keen

    #4 Break the TPP! (Taylor swift shake it off)

    #5 Ana TijouxNo AI TPP

    special mention to the raging grannies

    more protest songs about the TPP

    About the TPP

    The text of the Agreement was released by TPP Parties on 5 November 2015 and you can see its content on wikileaks :

    So what is the TPP exactly?

    Why is the TPP so criticized by all activists from far left to far right?

    The Young Turks point of view

    Lionel point of view

    MUST WATCH !!! Few speeches and interviews to know everything about the TPP the TTIP and TISA.

    News about the TPP text revealed.

    So, what now?

    The TPP agreement was signed by 12 nations the 4th of February 2016 in new Zealand. Trade representatives from those 12 countries signed the agreement. The member countries still have two years to get the deal approved at home before it takes effect. So there is still hope (not much tho, let’s be realistic) that it can be stopped. Singapore, Brunei, New Zealand, Chile, United States, Australia, Peru, Vietnam, Malaysia, Mexico, Canada and Japan are already members and Colombia, the Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea and Indonesia may follow.

    What does the TPP signing mean? Learn how it can still be stopped.

    It would need a massive popular movement to stop our corrupt governments to stop the process. There is still hope, and the hope is you! Pressure your representatives to do what is right.


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