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Hey guys i really could use your help.

It’s time for you to help me is you like that blog. There are many things that I would like to accomplish with this blog.The biggest ones would be able to create a community of musicians and hopefully publish a compilation of songs treating about subjects that we appreciate here. So if you are a musician or if you know musicians who are composing music that you feel that may fit on this page, please let me know about it. Also if you are a music lover and passionate about the quest of the Truth, please let’s join me in this adventure. Of course, if you want and can help financially any help will be more than welcome. I ll put some links soon for donation. but most of all by sharing the posts or the blog url around it will help so much.

You can help by:

-sharing your activist music here

-Let me know new activist songs or musicians

-Share great resources by investigative journalists


-Share and spread the blog

Thanks again for your support!